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Why You Should Maintain Your Commercial Roofing

Although commercial roofing is very much a part of business operation success, it is often overlooked.  The building's roof protects it from the elements, helps to maintain a comfortable indoor climate, and protects the people and assets inside.  Roofs need proper maintenance and regular inspection if you want it to continue to do its job without having adverse impact on profits.


Usually, damages to the roof surface become visible after heavy rains, high wind, or snowfall.  You can sometimes tell if there is trouble with visual signs such as standing water or bubbled materials.  The flashing is the material that protects the seam between the structure's walls and its cover which  should be checked for loose or missing sections.


If you want to keep your commercial roofing in optimal condition, it is important to have inspections twice a year,  Before calling the Shingle Roofing Jenks professionals for in-depth inspection and diagnoses, most business owners do a check of damages first.  Inspections should be scheduled after the harshest seasons meaning early spring and late fall.


You will soon see certain evidences inside the building if roofing repair is neglected.  There will be stains in your ceiling tiles and you will have discolored walls.  This is an indication of deteriorated or damaged decking material.  If you see bulges and cracks then it means that there is more extensive damage.  Window frames that are discolored or rotting suggest moisture or water damage that may be roof-related.  There is also a connection to roof problems if you see signs of mold on the inside and outside of the structure.


The roof's gutter system carries water away from the building.  There is no proper drainage in the pipes if the gutters are clogged.  There will then be accumulation of water and moisture is certain areas.  System should be cleaned twice per year.  More frequent cleaning is required of gutters especially after storms and high winds.'


Overhanging trees pose a great hazard.  If a dead or storm damaged branch falls on your roof, then it can sustain scratches or be punctured.  Roofs can easily deteriorate if trees drop leaves, pine cones, sap, and other debris on the roof's surface.  If dead branches are a threat to the building, then it should be removed.  Healthy limbs should also be trimmed so they do not touch the structure.


UV rays can help shorten the life of your traditional commercial roofing.  The temperature is high during hot sunny days.and energy costs will increase.  If you use cost friendly cool roofs, then you can solve your energy problems.  These products can decrease temperatures by 50 to 60 degrees during summer.


Maintenance packages at are offered by commercial roofing contractors to extend the life of your commercial roofing.   A roof maintenance plan will give the business owner greater peace of mind.